Today, a growing number of businesses and organizations require document archival. Small business owners are often challenged by the amount of paper they are required to collect and archive. From invoices to receipts they need to maintain good records to provide to their bookkeeper or accountant and to store for tax purposes. 


Physical archives usually consist of paper documents, which must be preserved for one reason or another. With paper, there are a number of issues to deal with when considering long-term storage. Paper can easily develop mold and mildew. If there’s a fire in the building, then the paper documents will almost certainly be destroyed.

These are just a few of the reasons why many of today’s businesses are using Document Archival Systems. Using scanners, it’s simple to capture a clear digital image of each document and then store it in any number of places. These images can quickly and safely be stored on internal or external hard drives, Flash drives, servers or even on a CD or DVD.

The problem that many businesses experience is that they simply don’t have time to do the actual storage themselves and that has led to a whole new business sector that specializes in digital document archiving. The obvious advantage of using a service as opposed to doing it yourself is that you save time and effort. Another huge advantage that many businesses don’t consider is the fact that all their important information is in one location.

When we handle the storage ourselves, it can lead to mistakes and costly errors. A business often has trouble finding the important papers they’re searching for. Are they on this external hard drive or one of the internal hard drives? Who was responsible for storage? Did they forget some items? The images aren’t clear.

Our preferred document archival service is Receipt Bank. Receipt Bank is an all-inclusive service that lets you send in your receipts, business cards, and even bits of paper with notes or miscellaneous information on them. Next, each item is scanned and placed in an online account.

The Receipt Bank solution eliminates all the headaches from digital storage and document archival. One of the great advantages of this solution is the number of ways in which the information can get be added to your Receipt Bank account.

You can add receipts by:

  • sending them via email
  • by using the Android app or IPhone app
  • by uploading them directly from your computer
  • by connecting your Receipt Bank account with your DropBox account.

Another great feature of Receipt Bank is that it integrates with a range of accounting software, including Xero. This allows for the receipts to be linked to the accounts payable and expense claim items in Xero so that there is a scanned copy of the documentation available. No more searching for the one receipt which your accountant requires to complete your tax return. No more stress if the Tax Office asks you to produce the records.

If you are ready to say goodbye to all the paper which is involved in running a business then talk to us today about the benefits which Receipt Bank can provide to your business. Receipts Be Gone!!