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BAS Services

As Registered BAS Agent we will help you lodge you statements to claim your maximum GST refund.

Submitting a business activity statement (BAS), is a quarterly or monthly business requirement depending on the size of your business. Ensuring that this lodgement is on time and correct is essential to avoid any fines and keep a great reputation with the ATO making it easier for you to get future interest remitted and payment plans accepted…

We provide ongoing BAS services including review and lodgement of your ATO Obligations, monthly or quarterly business activity statements and any payment arrangements required.

Our BAS Services include, but are not limited to:

  • BAS preparation & secure lodgement
  • Reviewing PAYG Instalment request to ensure meets with business figures and cashflow
  • Identify future automation/cost-saving opportunities
  • Advice on your liabilities and obligations
  • Contact the ATO on your behalf as necessary to organise extensions, lodgements or payments

Our Registered BAS Accountant

As certified BAS Agent who is experienced in dealing with the ATO and helping clients get on top of their reporting obligations. A registered BAS Agent is required to have a further qualification on top of regular bookkeeping qualifications. This means that they’re able to help your business with GST, luxury car taxes and FBT payments where a regular bookkeeper may not be able to.

Our goal is to improve the processes and procedures for your BAS bookkeeping, so that you can spend more time doing what you do best.

And remember – as BAS Agents, we are eligible for automatic four week extensions on your lodgement due dates. See below based on financial year:

1 July to 30 September
28 October25 November
1 October to 31 December
28 FebruaryThe Q2 lodgment due date is more than eight weeks after the end of the quarter, which is similar to the electronic lodgment concession available for the other three quarters.
As a result, lodgment concessions are not available for Quarter 2.
1 January to 31 March
28 April25 May
1 April to 30 June
28 July25 August

If you want to ensure that your business is compliant with current tax laws and benefits from accurate record-keeping with BAS services, Integral Business Solutions can help.

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